About our company SLIDING TRADE

For our customers we can select quality products at competitive prices. Thanks to our expertise in the European market, we select companies producing raw materials and semi-finished products, taking care of marketing on the European and Italian markets.

Before proposing products to our customers, we check with our experts the quality, not least the reliability of the manufacturer. Thanks to our experience in the commercial sector and our detailed market analysis, we are able to offer unbeatable offers on the market.

Seriousness, constancy and commitment and a project to be implemented are the three characteristics that have led SLIDING TRADE to create a commercial brokerage company at European level.

We offer the most varied products: woody and ferrous materials for construction: Lamellar beams - joists - strips and joists, reinforcing boards, round iron for Ca, electro-welded nets - sheet metal glue - steel beams - wire - sheets - panels in general. In combustion materials: - Pellets. Lubricating materials: - lubricants for civil and industrial use.

Our fundamental characteristic is to enhance the trade of products.



We operate throughout Europe especially in Italy, among our strengths stand out the high competence, professionalism thanks to our market experience, innovation, quality and efficiency in the management of sales. Our work is based on independent consulting, through which we strive to offer our customers customized solutions based on the most varied needs of products.


The attribute of "quality" generally conferred to any product is our main prerogative, it refers to a myriad of possible determinations that, to be understood in their concreteness, necessarily refer to a clear and circumscribed context, the quality at the right price . This is why we strive for the best value for money for the products we offer, so as to satisfy our customers.


The first advantage we offer our potential customers is to increase their profits, starting to import the best products at the most convenient price. What better advantage than increasing the company's turnover, so with this aim we offer the best recipe for business commerce. What are you waiting for contact us now to find the products for your trade.